• Over the last three years, the average monthly rent paid by home sharers was under $270/month, with 30% paying no rent at all in exchange for their services.

Find a Place to Live

Homesharing can be a rewarding way to find housing—in more ways than one. In many cases you can reduce your living costs and get personal satisfaction and enjoyment by helping someone stay in their home.

Many of the people who want to share their homes are seniors or adults with disabilities. Often they are looking for a companion to chat with and someone to lend a hand with things like cooking a few meals a week, driving for errands, and light cleaning. In other arrangements those offering a home don’t require any assistance, but may charge rent (up to a maximum of $400/month).

Many people looking for housing are eager to barter services for some or all of their monthly rent. Others make it clear to us that they already have very busy schedules and can’t offer much help around the house beyond what is normally expected when living with someone else. Either way homesharing is a great way to save money.

Homesharing works best if you don’t need housing immediately and have a little time to find the right match. Shorter-term homeshare arrangements are usually hard to find. In most cases, people who are looking to have someone move in usually only have one extra bedroom, so finding a match that can accommodate more than one person can be difficult.

Candidates must complete criminal background and reference checks, and an in-depth interview with HomeShare staff. Although we can’t guarantee that we’ll find what you’re looking for, give us a try—let’s see if we can find someone just right for you!

Finding Just the Right Home

Every homesharing situation is different, ranging from straight rental to 100% barter for services. We’ll help develop a clear set of expectations which are outlined in a written match agreement. Here are ways you might be helping out:

  • Cooking some meals and enjoying mealtime together
  • Taking the home provider on errands or to appointments, or running errands for them
  • Completing light housekeeping tasks such as vacuuming and laundry
  • Shoveling the walkway in winter or doing lawn work in the summer
  • Taking out the garbage and locking up at night
  • Caring for pets
  • Providing rent rather than service

Bartering/Some tasks provided
If you are looking to offer extra help around the house in exchange for some or all of your rent we can find a match. Housemates can offer up to 12 hours of service a week.

Rent Only/No routine tasks provided
You can be part of the HomeShare Vermont network even if you don’t have time to commit to tasks. Many of our home providers don’t need a housemate to do chores, but enjoy having someone in the house. Our program allows them to charge up to $400/month for rent.