• Surveys of people who find housemates through HomeShare Vermont reveal over 90% are very satisfied with our services and 99% would recommend us to a friend or relative.

Find the Right Housemate

There are lots of reasons people decide to look for housemates. Maybe you would like to add some rental income or find someone who can help with household chores.

Homesharing is simply a way for someone with a spare room in the home to offer housing for another person. Every homesharing situation is different, ranging from straight rental to 100% barter for services. Here are some ideas to start you thinking about what someone sharing your home might provide:

  • Money towards winter heating costs, property taxes, or whatever else you need!
  • Someone being there at night “just in case”
  • Cooking some meals and enjoying mealtime together
  • Taking you on errands or to appointments, or running errands for you
  • Completing light housekeeping tasks such as vacuuming and laundry
  • Shoveling the walkway in winter or doing lawn work in the summer
  • Taking out the garbage and locking up at night
  • Caring for your pets

Rent Only/No routine tasks provided
If you are looking for some extra cash to stretch your monthly budget, but don’t need a housemate to do chores, we can help you find just the right roommate. Rent can vary on a case by case basis but the less it is, the more potential candidates to meet.

Bartering/Some tasks provided
If you are looking for a housemate that can offer extra help around the house in exchange for some or all of the rent we can find a match. Housemates provide an average of 6-8 hours of service a week plus pay a small rent or help with utility bills. When we meet with you we will discuss what a fair exchange might be for the tasks you are looking to get help with.

There are no age or income restrictions for homesharers, but homes must be located in Chittenden, Franklin, Grand Isle and Addison counties in Vermont.