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Homesharing can be a rewarding way to find housing. In many cases you can reduce your living costs and get personal satisfaction and enjoyment by helping someone in their home. Anyone can homeshare as long as they meet the basic requirements.

To Participate in the Program

all applicants must HAVE:

  • No criminal record history or pending charges of crimes against person or property;
  • No substantiated case of abuse of any kind;
  • Four references who can recommend you for the program and speak to your lifestyle and character. For those looking for housing, this should include a positive landlord reference.

However, we can’t guarantee you housing. For every homeshare host, there are five homeshare guests looking for housing. It’s up to people in our program to ultimately decide who would be the most compatible match for them.

We’re looking for homeshare guests who:

  • Are flexible,
  • Want to be helpful,
  • Live with others well, and
  • Have time to find the right match.

Many of the people who want to share their homes are seniors or adults with disabilities. Often they are looking for a companion to chat with and someone to lend a hand. In other arrangements, those offering a home don’t require any assistance, but may charge rent. Every homeshare is unique.

Types of Homeshares

Some tasks provided

If you are looking to offer service in exchange for a reduced rent and more affordable housing than market rents, we can look for a match with homeshare hosts wanting up to 12 hours of service a week. This can range from yard work or grocery shopping to pet care or computer help.

Rent Only/No routine tasks provided

You can be part of the HomeShare Vermont network even if you don’t have time to commit to tasks. About a third of our homeshare hosts don’t need a housemate to do chores, but enjoy having someone in the house.

To Apply

If you would like to apply to find housing, there are paper and online applications available here.